More Newly Listed Pens, Pencils, & Ball Points without Pictures


I went around the house looking for more stuff.  Most pens are restored or I will restore except for those that are not marked in need of restoration. Most are easy on the wallet.

Pen Description
1 Sold Parker 45 fp and pncl set chrome caps dark green bbls, mint w/ sticker in cardboard box, F 14k nib, $65
2 Sold Parker 21trough clip, MIB with stickers, was dipped, clear reservoir, red bbl, $35/ green, very good, $25. (ps- I still have that 21 with gold fill cap and black bbl. super pen, see vol. 5 1or 2 for details)
2a Parker 21 pncils, alloy cap burgundy barrel, twist mechanism, very nice, $15/ green bbl, near mint, $15
3 1940s Sheaffer Tuckaway fp and pncl set, as originally found, squiggly gf caps, brown stripe bbls, needs restoration, but the set looks in excellent original box, blind cap doesn’t lock tite, tarnish and all!, $65
4 Cross 14k gf ball point with hard shell box and felt sleeve, excellent plus, $35
5 Sold 1960s Sheaf. Stylist fp & pencil set, (2way nib like Parker 180) gold tone excellent condition, $85
6 Carene pencil, silver lined metal cap, black bbl, near mint with blue box, $75
7 Retro 51 ‘Tornado’ ball point anodized blue metal body, complete w/ felt sleeve and aluminum tube, $25
7a Retro 51 ‘Tornado’ ball point checked silver body, excellent except cap plaque absent, needs refill, $15
8 Pilot Parallel calligraphy pen long taper body w/ case and refills, excellent plus, $20
9 c. 1920 A.A. Waterman gf ringtop with very nice cloth covered wood case. Blue felt interior with gilded script ‘AA Waterman Co Not Connected with LE Waterman Co. 14k Gold Filled Fountain Pen and Pencil Set ‘with outline of posted pen diagonally across entire interior lid (pencil missing), not restored, box lifts open but may have had fabric ‘hinge’, nice collectable box with original pen, $85
10 Sold Zippo- replica of original w/ diagonal lines at corner- customized by Mauricio Faivich with two line inlaid silver plaque that reads ‘PARKER Fountain Pen’ Bottom marked E Zippo X, w/ case, $125
11 early, diminutive A.T. Cross ring top pencil, sterling indent on nozzle, otherwise excellent, $35
12 similar size gold plate Cross ring top pencil, later period w/ lacquer band near nozzle, $20
13 c. 1940s Deco style A.T. Cross pencil patterned bbl and laquer band, lovely and unusual, $45
14 Sheaffer Touchdown pencil gold fill cap/ blue barrel, excellent, $25/ 70s chrome cap, turquoise bbl, $15
14a c. 1940s Sheaffer Touchdown black 400 pencil with sticked still attached, near mint, $25
15 c. 1920s Parker flat top lined silver plate pencil w/ pocket clip, some wear but no dents, very good, $65
16 Sold c. 1920 large chased metal w/ green paint gold wash trim marked ‘Endicot Johnson Shoes’ has almost all paint, gold wash trim on nozzle, cap, and pocket clip, $20
17 c. 1918 Sheaffer (like Wahl) full size silver filled pencil w/ pocket clip, pat. Pending, excellent, $65
18 Fend Super Norma 4 color mechanical pencil lined barley finish, super condition, $65
19 Fend 4 color chromed lined mechanical pencil, absolutely scrumptious! Marked made in Germany, $65
20 Norma (earlier pencil) 4 color lined silver metal, Made in USA, very nice condition, $65
21 c. 1930s Parker Deluxe Challenger fountain pen and pencil set, black w/ large pearl/gray rectangular pattern inlay, chrome trim, three cap bands (brassed on fp, excellent on pncl), button fill, F 14k nib, $85
22 c. 1940s Sheaffer Lifetime desk pen, plunger fill, black w/ lined visualated body, Medium two tone Triumph nib, excellent but needs restoration, $40
23 Parker black full size lined Luck Curve fp, Canadian, very crisp, small chip in blind cap, $85
24 Parker 75 grid pattern sterling pencil mint in the box with papers, etc. $85,
25 c. 1940s Wearever- really nice, looks like later Duofold, super shape, 14k nib, button fill, $45
26 Sold Parker first year Jotter with lined black nylon barrel, $60
27 Parker 45 Jotter red cap/ white bbl, advertising window for Red & White food service operations, $45
28 Sold Parker early Jotter red barrel with ESSO in oval, $20 28a. light blue w/window airplane retreads, $15
29 Parker 61 Flighter, all stainless, user grade, some usual dings arrow missing in nose, fine nib, $35
30 c. 1926 Gold Bond, large Stonite jade green ring top with black ends, excellent color (only slight discoloration, pretty good for jade), name on barrel, LF, Fine #4 14k Warranted nib, $65
31 c. 1926 Eggens & Hambler Co. ‘EHCO’ jade green ring top, good even color, LF, F 14k nib, $45
32 c. 1926 Parker Lady Duofold red Permanite, crisp imprints, excellent! Wide gf cap band, F nib, $85
33 c. 1900 JU&CO (in heart) ‘Vulcan’ Red HR Stylograph, unrestored, really nice collectable piece, $110
34 Nice Parker 95s gold plate or black lacquer (with name on bbl) ball point, both nice, choice, $25
35 Tiffany ball point, T pocket clip, chrome finish, excellent plus, needs refill, $25
36 c. 1960 Paper Mate Lady Capri, sky blue bbl. very nice but moderate tiny pitting on cap, $20