Row B: Parker 51s (Paul's Favorites)

Pen Description
1 Sold c. 1947(1st qtr) 2X jewel (probably a replacement) dove gray w/ nice gold fill cap, vac fill, $195
2 c. 1942 sterling cap shows use, a few score lines as expected, (have others- gray, blue, or blk), $145
3 c. 1947 gf cap-converging lines, few pin size dings, nice M nib, (others w/ common color bbls), $125
3a (not shown) vac fill 51s common colors with exceptional gold fill caps-choice, $185
3b (not shown) vac fill 51s common colors with steel caps, gold fill pocket clips, super shape, $110
4-5 c.1951s aerometric set in Teal blue nice, clean converging lines gf caps, with box, $175
6 Sold c. 1950s ball point pen w/ super gold fill cap, exceptional pen, $150
7-8 Sold c. 1950 aerometric set India Black, excellent +, maybe unused-no signs of ink in sack, VF nib, $165
9-10 c. 1950s Demi set in Cocoa, harder to find color, very nice set, $175
10b (not shown) aerometrics, common color bbls, super nice gold fill caps, $145
10c (not shown) aerometrocs common color bbls, nice steel caps $65-$85
11 c. 1980s Parker 95 gold plate fp, Made in USA, medium nib, $40
12 c. 1980s Parker 105, beautiful high end pen, gold plated bark finish, super shape, $ 245