Erano’s Quarterly Pen Review (EQPR) is a quarterly just for vintage pen lovers, with a smattering about new pens, too. In addition to pens for sale, each issue contains frank commentary and insights by experienced pen collectors on subjects that vintage pen collectors care about.* It includes articles and essays on vintage pens, pen shows, and aspects of our hobby that are presented in a way to set it apart from other pen publications. From ink to ethics, EQPR offers a unique point of view, all wrapped up in a colorful and entertaining package.

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Topics of articles and essays in past issues include:

Ancora Perla • Platinum Y2K

Ethics of Buying Flea Market Finds

Trends in Pens • Bottles of Ink

The Parker Duofold • Ten eBay Tips

Repair Tips for Collectors • Ink in History

Pens that Attack • Who Are Today’s Vintage Pen Collectors?

Waterman’s Edson • Avoiding Pitfalls

Pen Show Etiquette • Keeping it Clean

Cheap Tools • Paul’s Top Ten Overlooked Pens

It’s the People • Sheaffer’s Crest & Triumph Pens

Ingersol Pens • Why Do We Choose the Pens We Do?

Wood Pens • Sheaffer’s Streamline Balance • Piston Fill Pens

The Love of Longhand • Blending the Old with the New

The Dunn Pen Company • In the Shadow of Another Pen

The Wonder of Hand Written • Why Don’t We Have Our Own Museum?

A.T. Cross Company • Notes on the Parker 51 Vacumatic

Black Pens: My Three Amigos Aurora Hastile and Slim Pens

I Go Hunting with My Dad • Big Pens, Not So Big Pens

Every Pen Has a Story • The Act of Writing

Shades of Ink • Know Your Nib

If you love vintage pens and are looking for something tailored specifically to what interests you most, give us a try. It may be just what you’re looking for. It’s in full color and available for only $25 for four issues. To order, send check or money order payable to Paul Erano to:


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