Link List

Here's a list of some of my favorite pen-related sites.

Henry Simpole Pens
Henry Simpole makes beautiful bespoke overlay pens.
Bruno Corsini Pens
Handmade fountain pens of the highest quality.
The Fountain Pen Board (FP Nuts)
David Isaacson's relatively new board has a lot of great photos and discussions of vintage and modern fountain pens.
Ron Zorn/Main Street Pens
Ron Zorn is a well-known fountain pen restoration specialist.
Jon Rosen
Jon Rosen wrote Fountain Pen Inventory, the most widely used database for fountain pen collectors in the world, and it's available as a free download. He also designed this website. If you need a database for your business, contact Jon for powerful but easy to use software.
Fountain Pen Inventory Database
FPI is used by over 4,000 fountain pen collectors in over 30 countries to manage their databases and is available to download without charge.