Cufflinks for Sale

Welcome to paulscufflinks.  What better companion to vintage pens than to own a pair or two of beautiful vintage cuff links?  Like fountain pens, their design and form are often very closely tied to a particular era.  All the cuff links here are vintage and not reproductions!  They have been selected based on their wearability as functional jewelry; design and ornamental features; special themes including automobiles, airplanes, advertising, etc; condition; and simply because they are interesting and cool to wear and collect!  

Most are in excellent or like new condition with few or no signs of wear.  However, I have consciously included some that have been worn and loved by their previous owners.  Like vintage fountain pens, many of these have special appeal though they may show some signs of use such as slight plating loss or small nicks and scratches (visible in blown up photographs but far less so under normal circumstances). Dimensions are in inches followed by S, M, L in parenthesis to give an idea of size on the cuff. (Small is about dime size; Medium nickel size; and L quarter size.  ExS, S/M, M/L, and ExL fall in between sizes or are smaller or larger still.  Click on images for detailed views.  Cuff links will be shipped in a small, hard cardboard box within the United States for $3.00            

3379 c. 1950s Gloucester Fisherman finely cast in sterling silver. No maker’s mark. Medium Size: approx. 1” x ½” Price $95

3373 c. 1960s Swank round jade cuff links with gold tone rope border, pronged setting. Large Size: approx . 1” diameter. Price: $35

3365 c. 1970s Hickok Libra gold tone cufflinks. Lucky day, number on reverse side. Wear to one link more than other- see photo. S/M- approx. ¾” diam. Price: $20

3369 c. 1950s rectangular hand engraved Mexican sterling silver cuff links with applied (possibly gold) numerals. M/L size: approx. 5/8”x3/4” Price: $75

3375 c. 1970s Dante oval multi-color confetti cuff link with scallop and Florentine golf tone border. Large Size: approx. 11/8” x 7/8” Price: $65

3371 c. 1970 Dante square jade cuff link with gold tone bamboo border. Prong set. Tie tack included. Medium size: ¾” x ¾”. Price: $45

3389 c. 1960s Destino unusual long, spiral gold tone cuff link containing three jade balls. M/L size: 11/8” x 3/8” Outstanding! Price: $65

3391 c. 1950s Anson oval ‘faux’ ruby with center stone. Gold tone chamfered border. Beautiful! Medium size: approx. ¾” x ½” Price: $25

3235 c. 1960s Very handsome stag cufflinks. Stag and background very sharp and well defined. Marked Made in England, Medium size: approx 7/8” in diameter, like new. Price: $35

3236 c. 1970s Dante oval cuff links with multi-color banded ‘rough hewn’ center; gold tone bezel and coin style edging, Med/Large, roughly 11/8” x ¾”. Price: $35

3237 c. 1950s Fenwick & Sailor early automobile cufflinks in sterling silver. Well cast, quality cufflinks. Medium/Large size, approx. 11/4” x ¾”. Price: $95

3238 c. 1960s Mexican silver ‘Aztec’ cufflinks. Full set of markings on back, but they are illegible to me. Cufflinks are oblong and slightly convex. Silver background appears hand- hammered. Lovely and in very nice condition, Medium size, approx: 11/8” x 1”. Price: $75

3239 c. 1960s Dante gold tone wrap around cufflinks. Florentine center contains oval tiger eye stone. Medium size, face of cufflink measures ¾” x ¾”, like new. Price: $35

3240 c. 1960s Dante silver tone wrap around cufflinks. Faceted smoky quartz (I believe) center. Medium size, face of cufflink measures approx. ¾” x ½”, like new. Price: $35

3241 c. 1960s Dante silver tone square cufflink with ‘rough’ texture resin center marble white with rich blue veining popping out. Medium size, approx. ¾” x ¾”, very nice. Price: $35

3242 c. 1960s Sporrong silver metal cufflinks, Cufflink post also marked Made in Sweden. Delta wing jet fighter against textured slate gray background. Old style toggle. Very unusual. Medium size, about 1” x ½”. Price: $75

3243 c. 1940s Broadway Tuxmakers gold tone setting with black center. Small size, roughly 5/8” diameter. Price: $10

3244 c. 1960s Sarah Coventry ¾” square gold tone cufflinks. Remind me of an English car radiator grill for some reason. Nice shape! Price: $15

3245 c. 1940s Barrel shaped setting with red Lucite and white diamond shaped faceted inserts. Some wear to bezel, but these are just plain funky and scream 1940s! I had to include them! No maker’s mark. Medium size, approx. ¾” x ½". Price: $20

3247 c. 1950s Anson pink and black Modernist chromed cufflinks. I seem to recall a 1956 Chevy with the same color scheme. Really cool and unusual. Cufflinks show light wear. Medium size, approx. 1” x ¾”. Price: $25

3248 c. 1960s Dante Sailfish cufflinks. These have all the drama a fisherman could ask for! Sailfish in relief against a dark brown border. Synthetic style cameo with gold tone Florentine border. Superb! Large size, approx. 1” x ¾”. Price: $75

3249 c. 1960s Anson gold tone wrap around cufflinks with rich amber cabochon center. Bubbles on bezel appear to be silver tone and catch the reflection of the cabochon. Like new. Medium size, approx. ¾” in diameter. Price: $35

3250 c. 1940s Honeycomb texture gold tone cufflinks with three faux faceted rubies. Very nice condition. No maker’s mark. Medium size, approx. ¾” x ½”. Price: $25

3251 c. 1960s Destino oval banded agate cufflinks with fancy 12k gold fill bezel. Absolutely georgeous. Ball and single stem post; no toggle in back. Medium size, approx. ¾” x ½”. Price: $65

3253 c. 1960s Hickok rectangular gold tone cufflinks with oval black ‘stone’ center and cutouts in setting; lovely and in super shape. Medium size, approx. 1” x ½”. Price: $25

3259 c. 1950s Fenwick & Sailor ‘Caduceus’ sterling silver cuff links. Marked F&S on back. Medium size: approx. ¾” x ¾”. Price: $75

3256 c. 1950s parabolic silver tone (chromed) modernistic cufflinks with pink and black accents. No maker’s mark. Med. size, roughly 1” x 5/8” at widest point. Price: $25

3257 c. 1960s Destino ‘snow flake’ obsidian large rectangular cufflinks with fancy beveled silver tone border. Really nice! Size: 1” x 5/8” Price: $45

3260 c. 1960s gold tone mesh wraparounds with blue rhinestones in channel. No makers mark. Size of face: approx. 3/4” diameter. Price: $20

3262 c. 1970s Swank highly stylized pronged and faceted ‘watermelon’ crystal within a gold tone cage. Funky and a bit unusual, but very pretty! ¾” x ½” Price: $35

3265 c. 1950s Moderne (ovoid) gold tone cufflinks with recessed gray stones- remind me of the deadly death ray device used by aliens in a cheesy B movie ‘The Mysterians’ back in the late 50s. Signs of normal wear present, but frankly- too funky not to list! No maker’s mark. Size: approx. ¾” x ½”. Price: $25

3266 c. 1960s Hickock brushed gold tone rectangle within a polished silver tone border. Very functional set of cufflinks that will go with just about anything. Nicer than the picture. Marked: Hickock, Canada. Medium size: approx. ¾” x ¾”. Price: $25

3268 c. 1960s Dante large round Rivoli Watermelon crystal cufflinks with fancy gold tone border. Size: Large diameter almost 1”. Like new and beautiful! Price: $45

3269 c. 1950s Krementz round gold duo-tone cufflinks- rose center and yellow border. Price: $35

3273 c. 1940s Hecho abstract Mexican sterling silver cufflinks (fully hallmarked on back of one link.) Med/Large. Approx. 7/8” diameter. Price: $65

3275 c.1940s sterling silver cufflinks and tie bar. Bold initials ‘FMR’ on each face. No additional maker’s markings. Face of cufflink 5/8” x ½”. Tie bar 25/” long. Price: $65

3277 c. 1950s Swank highly polished abstract cufflinks with tie bar that scream 1950s! Slight tiny dings to face, but still very cool and almost square! ¾” x ¾”. Price: $25

3280 c. 1940s enameled ‘Iris’ cufflinks marked ‘silver’ on back. No maker’s mark. Small/Medium size: approx. ¾”- more T.V. shaped (rounded) than square. Price: $45

3281 c. 1960s Dante oval cufflinks. Stone appears to be onyx with silver tone rope braid over front. Small/Medium. Approximately ¾” x ½”. Beautiful! Price: $35

3283 c.1960s Swank wrap around cufflinks, gold tone finish. Polished and textured face with green inserts. Super shape. Medium size: face measures about ¾” x ¾”. Price: $25

3284 c. 1960s Dante fine mesh wrap silver tone cufflinks with large glossy black inserts in pronged setting (may be onyx but can’t say for sure). These are large and lovely and in very nice shape. Face measures approx. 1’ x ¾”. Price: $45

3287 c. 1960s Shields gold tone cufflinks. Cufflink face is polished and textured with beautiful large faceted Rivoli center stone. Med/Large: approx. ¾” square. Price: $25

3288 c. 1970s oval wrap cufflinks with ‘mystery’ stone at center takes on pink, purple, and yellow iridescence. These are next generation to ‘The Mysterian’ cufflinks above. Cufflink face approx. 1” x ¾”. These are crazy and in very nice shape! Price: $45

3289 c.1960s Dante silver tone mesh wrap cufflinks. Large Rivoli blue faceted crystal with fancy border. Lovely, large, and imposing! Measures about 7/8” diameter. Price: $45

3292 c. 1960s Dante gold tone mesh wrap cufflinks. Oval tiger eye set against textured Florentine style concave background, polished edges. Lovely! Like new w/ matching tie tack. Medium size: roughly ¾” square. Price: $35

3293 c. 1960s Dante gold tone mesh wrap cufflinks. Large Rivoli watermelon faceted crystal takes up most of face. Textured border, Large ¾” diameter. Like new. Price $65

3295 c. 1960s Swank primitive cobra on copper background. Cufflinks faces vary in color; slight surface crack on one. Unusual and very wearable. Size: 1” x ¾”. Price: $35

3297 c. 1950s Correct ‘moonstone’ in gold tone setting. These show light wear but are in very nice shape. Very wearable with a nice vintage look. Size S/M about 5/8” Price: $25

3299 c. 1950s White polished metal with contrasting coin edge center. No maker’s mark. Small/Med size, approx. ½” x ¾” Price: $15

3303 c. 1960s Swank rectangular gold tone cufflinks with fancy scroll on face. Small/Medium size, approx. 1’2” x 1”. Price $15

3304 c. 1950s Anson silver tone rectangular cufflinks with faceted hematite oval. Textured face with polished swirl. Small/Medium size, approx ½” x 7/8” Price: $20

3305 c. 1950s Geometric silver tone rectangular cufflinks. Polished surface shows slight wear but very wearable. No maker’s mark. Medium size 5/8” x 7/8”. Price: $15

3310 c. 1960s Swank slightly convex cufflinks star against textured background /polished edges. Understated and like new. Tie tack included. Sm/Med, c. 5/8” diam. Price: $25

3312 c. 1960s Anson slightly convex cufflinks star against textured background/polished edges. Understated and like new. Size: Medium, c. 1” x 5/8”. Price: $25

3313 c. 1960s Dante concave cufflinks oval onyx center. Textured background /polished edges. Elegantly understated and like new. Size, Medium, c. ¾” x ¾”. Price: $35

3314 c. 1960s amorous satyr gold tone wrap cufflinks. Faux cameo, white against a brown background. Mint. Large, approx. 11/4” x ¾”. Price: $35

3315 c. 1950s Destino square sunburst cufflinks with (possibly) synthetic rubies at corner. Small amount of wear to edges. Medium size, approx. 5/8” x 5/8”. Price: $25

3321 c. 1960s Grandea Abalone cufflinks and matching tie tack. This set looks absolutely mint! Small/Medium, cufflinks are about ¾” in diameter. Price: $35

3326 c. 1920s Krementz abalone. Very nice condition. Small, c. ½” Price: $20

3328 c. 1920s pearl with center rhinestone. Very nice condition. Small, about ½’ diameter. Price: $15

3333 c. 1962 Swedish Konung coin dufflinks. Marked ‘ORE’ on back. I believe that the coin is bronze and plated. Very nice condition, indeed! Small, c. 5/8”. Price: $25

3336 c. 1950s unusually shaped chromed cufflinks with what looks like a mini view of Mother Earth. Inexpensive, but interesting and in very nice shape. Small. Price: $10

3338 c. 1950s ‘abstract cacti’ polished chromed surface Small, c. 3/8” x ¾” at widest point. Only marked ‘Made in USA’. Price: $15

3339 c. 1960s Classic gold tone oval cufflinks. Slight signs of wear from considerate use but no plate loss. Very wearable. No maker’s mark. Medium, c. 1” x 5/8” Price: $15

3340 c. 1960s square silver tone cufflinks with pronged ‘diamond’ rhinestone center against textured background. No maker’s mark. Medium, c. ¾” x ¾” Price: $15

3341 c. 1960s Swank very stylized rectangular convex cufflinks. Face is textured and polished ‘window’ contains green stone. Classy! Medium, c. 1” x ½” Price: $25

3344 c.l960s Classic gold tone oval with alternating polished and lined diagonal bands. Nice shape. Price $10

3346 c. 1960s Classic gold tone oval, polished surface with ‘chain’ cutout. Medium size, c. 1” x ¾”. No maker’s mark. Very nice! Price: $20

3347 c. 1950s Hadley 12k gold fill rectangular cufflinks with nicely engraved initials, S.G. Very nice condition. Medium size, c. ¾” x ½”. Price: $25

3348 c. 1950s Swank horse head cufflinks against celluloid background. Small/Medium size, c. ¾” x 5/8”. Show some use. Price: $15

3353 c. 1950s Anson rectangular gold tone cufflinks w/ raised polished center against textured background. Reflection makes cufflinks appear worn. They aren’t. Classier in person than what picture shows. Medium size, c. 1” x 5/8” very nice shape. Price: $20

3356 c. 1960s Swank brushed/polished silver tone square cufflinks. Believe me, these are much better in person. I put them at an angle to show small scratches from use- barely visible. Medium size, c. ¾” square and very nice. Price: $15

3357 c. 1950s square silver tone cufflinks with cutouts and mother of pearl insert. No maker’s mark. Medium size, c. ¾” square. A bit unusual. Price: $15

3360 c. 1940s round gold tone cufflinks with red cabochon center. These are much more polished than picture suggests and in nice shape with some evidence of use. Nice vintage look. No maker’s mark. Medium size, c. ¾” diameter. Price: $15

3362 c. 1940s gold tone rectangular textured ‘gift’ cufflinks with faux ruby. Little or no evidence of use. No maker’s mark. Medium size, c. 1” x ¾”. Price: $20

3363 c. 1950s gold tone rectangular cufflinks. Little or no evidence of use. No maker’s mark. Medium size c. ¾” x ½”. Price: $15

3392 c. 1940s gold tone oval ‘arrow’ cufflinks. Evidence of wear as picture indicates, but they are much nicer and more polished than picture suggests. Besides, I had to include them- how could I not? No maker’s mark. Size c. 1” x 5/8”. Price: $20

3395 c. 1960s LaMode round gold tone ‘karatklad’ cufflinks with polished green stone center and beautiful Florentine bezel. These are gorgeous and in super shape! Size: Medium/Large, about 7/8” in diameter. Price: $40

3400 c. 1950s Hayward shopping cart cufflinks! Highly polished black & chrome. These are really cool and unusual! Super shape. Medium size, c. ¾” in diameter. Price: $35

3401 c. 1960s Dante round gold tone cufflinks with jade center stone. Lovely and in very nice condition. Little or no signs of use. Medium size, c. 7/8” diameter. Price: $35

3403 c. 1930s Oriental butterfly motif cufflinks. Possibly painted lacquer over cloth. Motif on toggle, too. Some wear. No maker noted. Small, c. 5/8” diameter. Price: $25

3404 c. 1960s Dante square cufflinks, jade center with patterned gold tone border. Links have far more luster than picture suggests. These are really nice. Slight wear noted on face. Size, Large. c. 7/8” square. Price: $35

3406 c. 1960s Dante classic oval gold tone cufflinks; jade center w/ lined background on face. Like new, even better than picture suggest. Medium size, c. 1” x 5/8” Price: $40

3409 c. 1960s LaMode rectangular jade and gold tone cufflinks. Small/Medium size, c. ¾” x ½”. Very nice shape! Price: $25

3411 c. 1960s Destino wrap jade and gold tone cufflinks. Beautiful Florentine border. Like new. Mediums size, face is c. 7/8” diameter. Price: $35

3414 c. 1960s Dante wrap oval jade (or jasper?) and gold tone cufflinks. Like new and very beautiful. Stones without borders. Medium size face 1’ x ¾”. Price: $45

3416 c.1950s round, stars and royal blue cufflinks. (can’t tell if plastic or porcelain.) One is loose in setting. Marked Made in France. Medium size, 7/8” diameter. Price: $20

3418 c. 1950s Swank silver tone cufflinks with abalone center and contemporary style border. Small/Medium c. ¾” diameter. Show light wear. Price: $15

3424 c. 1960s rectangular and slightly contoured gold tone cufflinks with bark texture center and polished, faceted edges. No maker’s mark and nicer with more luster than picture suggests. Very nice; almost like new. Size, Medium ¾” x ½” Price: $20

3426 c. 1950s Moderne stylized ‘arrow head’ silver tone cufflinks. No maker’s mark. Small size, c. 7/8” x 5/8. Price: $20

3427 c. 1950s Modern stylized concave oblong cufflinks with green ‘stone’ and textured background. No maker’s mark. Nice shape. Size: Small, c. 11/8” x 5/8” Price: $10

3428 c. 1950s Swank gold & silver tone knot cufflinks. Nice shape. Small. Price: $15

3430 c. 1960s Dante rectangular gold tone cufflinks with textured gold and amber tone face. Beautiful and a bit unusual. Medium size, c. 7/8” x ¾”. Price: $35

3434 c. 1960s gold tone buttons. Picture not as nice as cufflinks. Size: Small. Price: $15

3438 c. 1950s Anson silver tone rectangular cufflinks. Crisscross matt center with polished edges. Much nicer than picture. Small, c. ¾” x ½” Price: $15

3442 c. 1950s Anson weighty sterling silver oval cufflinks. Gold tone center against matt background and polished scalloped edges. These are beautiful and like new. Medium size: c. 1” x ¾”. Price: $45

3444 c. 1950s Swank gold tone fish and rod cufflinks. Medium size: 1”x1/2”. Price: $20

3445 c. 1950s Hickock gold tone Pointer. Medium size: c. 1”x5/8. Price: $25

3446 c. 1950s Novelty gambling cufflinks show some wear, but they’re cool. Might bring good luck next time in Vegas. Size: Medium. Price: $20

3347 c. 1960s Australian half penny gold tone cufflinks. Large: 1”x1” Price: $25

3448 c. 1950s Anson ‘purse’ silvertone/blue cufflinks. Small: ¾”x1/2” Price: $20

3449 c. 1950s Swank Linkwood cufflinks featuring exotic woods. Hammered ‘silver’ accent but no silver mark. Size: Very Large, 11/4” diameter. Price: $35

3450 c. 1950s Swank Linkwood cufflinks featuring exotic wood and Viking. Size: Very Large, 11/4” diameter. Price: $35

3451 c. 1950s Swank Linkwood cufflinks featuring exotic wood and camel. Size: Very Large, 11/4´in diameter. Price: $35

3452 c. 1960s Avon classic oval gold tone cufflinks. Like new. Size: Medium.c.1”x1/2”. Price: $15

3453 c. 1960s Novelty Washington DC US Capitol souvenir cufflinks. Picture shows glare- not wear. Cufflinks are almost like new. Medium size, ¾” x ¾”. Price: $25

3454 c. 1960s Shriners cufflinks. Size: Medium. Price: $20

3455 c. 1960s Foster gold tone cufflinks. Polished center and border. Satin finish in between. Beautiful and subtle- nicer than picture suggests. Size: c. ¾”x3/4” Price: $20

3456 c. 1950s Hickock horse racing cufflinks. Silver tone and black. Size: Medium, c. 1”x5/8”. These show some signs of wear, but are perfect for the track. Price: $20

3457 c. 1950s rectangular gold tone cufflinks. Satin finish with polished scalloped border. Elegant and nicer than picture- minimal wear. Size c. 7/8”x5/8” Price: $20

3460 c. 1950s Swank or Shields (‘S’ inside post) rectangular silver tone cufflinks. Polished convex surface w/ cutout textured sides with bright work. Like new. Size: c. ¾” x5/8”. Price: $20

4336 c. 1940s brilliant multi-hue blue/purple cabochon oval cufflinks in gold tone setting; elbow style posts; Medium size, approx. ¾”x1/2” no maker’s mark; Price: $25

4341 c. 1960s coin style cufflink; matt silver finish; Med. c. ¾” diameter; no maker’s mark; like new, Price $25

4352 c. 1960s Victoria Flemming ‘stockmarket’ cufflinks. Slight evidence of wear especially on the gold tone border; Med/Large: a little over 1”x1/2” Price: $65

4354 c. 1960s multi-color stones laminate; pronged gold tone setting with hinged post; nice quality and unusual; Small/Med: approx. 5/8”x5/8” no makers mark ; Price: $35

4357 c. 1960s classic Dante cross hatch gold tone cufflinks with center cat eye. Medium/large at ¾” square; Price: $35

4360 c. 1960s classic sterling silver round cufflinks with decorative center and border; Medium/Large approx 7/8” round; no maker’s mark; slight wear evident; Price: $25

4361 c. 1960s Destino round gold tone cufflinks w/ oval blue multi-hued stone at center, textured background and rope border. Large, c. 1” diameter; like new; Price: $35

4365 c. 1960s Destino square textured gold tone cufflinks with large cat eye; Medium/Large approx ¾” square; very nice; Price: $35

4366 c. late 1960s Arts of the World Toshiki cufflinks by Swank. Large size, approximately 1”x1”. Price: $125

4371 c. 1960s ornate gold tone wrap cufflinks Dante. Center material is lovely sangre de boeuf color- can’t tell if it is stone or other material. These are lovely and large; face of cufflink is approx. 1”x3/4”. Price: $45

4372 c. 1960s three dimensional bullfighter cufflinks with decorative Toledo style toggle and pivot post. Medium/Large & unusual shape: c.3/4” at widest points. Price: $25

4377 c. 1960s Swank curved rectangular with braid and brite-cut decoration against bark background. Unusual and attractive. Medium c. 1”x1/2” Tie clip included. Price: $25

4379 c. 1960s Swank unusual black pyramid cufflink with stone center, pronged silver tone setting. Medium/large, approx. ¾” square. Price: $25

4381 c. 1920s gold tone repousse cufflinks with faceted garnet (I think) centers. Very pretty and unusual. Small size; Price: $35

4384 c. 1960s Fenwick and Sailor Pegasus embossed sterling silver cufflinks. Lovely and high quality; Fully marked on back. Medium/Large, c. ¾” square. Price: $85

4386 c. 1960s Fenwick and Sailor Hunter and Dog sterling silver cufflinks. Very nice quality. Fully marked on back. Medium/Large, c.7/8” diameter. Price: $85

4390 c. 1960s Dante oval gold tone cufflinks with cat eye cabochon/textured background. Med/Large, they measure over 1’x1/2” and are nicer than photo suggests. Price: $35

4394 c. 1960s Buick logo cufflinks. Slight chip in enamel on one, c. ¾” dia. Price: $20

4395 c. 1960s gold tone Zodiac cufflinks and tie clip about ¾” square. Price: $25

4398 c. 1940s Krementz round gold tone cufflinks with onyx and faceted stone center.

4408 c. 1960s Swank elliptical silver tone cufflinks with brushed and polished surfaces, round mother of pearl center. Very nice. Med size- approx. 1”x3/4” Price: $25

4418 c. 1960s Swank round gold tone cufflinks w faceted multi-hued borealis center stone with rope border, brushed background w polished edged; Med/Large c. ¾” in diameter. Like new. Price: $25

4419 c. 1960s square brushed white metal cufflinks with cutouts and borealis faceted center. Lovely. Med/Large size, approx. ¾” square. No maker’s mark. Price: $20

4420 c. 1950s Swank primitive mask cufflinks. Some paint loss. Small. Price: $15

4425 c. 1960s Dante rectangular silver tone wrap cufflinks. Medium size: face measures ¾”x1/2”. Black center stone likely onyx. Comes w matching tie tack. Price: $30

4426 c. 1960s Dante Iconoclay oval gold tone cufflinks. Large- approx. 11/4”x7/8”. Very impressive set of cufflinks- rich coffee brown background/fancy border. Price: $65

4428 c. 1950s Correct Quality gold tone oval cufflinks with translucent red center. Beautiful with beveled border. Medium size, c. 7/8”x5/8”. Super shape. Price: $25

4433 c. 1940s Hickock round dished cufflinks w fancy border. Center stone looks like onyx. Small size. Price: $25

4448 c. 1960s Destino (later mark) triangular silver tone cufflinks- blue stone (likely lapis). Textured silvertone setting. We’ll call them Medium size. Unusual. Price: $35

4463 c. 1960s brick cufflinks. Made of real brick material, these are certainly good for starting a conversation! Medium/Large size, c. 1”x1/2” Price: $35

4478 c. 1960s Dante high luster silver tone ovals with decorative border. Nice heft to these. Medium/Large, c. 1’x1/2”. Lovely condition. Very wearable. Price: $30

4483 c. 1960s oval wrap cufflinks and tie clip with blue cabochon centers. Lovely and very wearable. No maker’s mark. Large- face measures over 1’x1/2”. Price: $25

4484 c. 1960s ‘Atomic Age’ oval silver tone cufflinks blackened center w/ atoms floating in orbit. Maker’s mark present but I can’t make it out. These are favorites and I won’t part with them unless you give me $35. They measure a little over an inch by half inch.

4486 c. 1960s Dante oval silver tone wrap cufflinks with large faceted blue oval stone.

4491 c. 1960s unusual rectangular gold tone wrap cufflinks with banded agate. Like new.

4497 c. 1960s Shield’s striking griffin cufflinks in high relief against black background. Griffin looks to be pewter like material. Hexagonal pronged setting. Large- over an inch in diameter. Price: $30

4501 c. 1950s blue enameled iris cufflinks marked silver. Small. Price: $35

4507 c. 1960s Kodak gold tone cufflinks and tie clip. Med/Large, c. 7/8” dia. Price: $35

4516 c. 1960s Swank square gold tone cufflinks and tie tack w faceted center light honey colored stone, rope border and brushed concave background. Better than pic.shows. Med size, c. ¾” square. Price: $25

4548 c. 1970s Yamaha logo silver tone cuff links. Medium size. Like new. Price: $25

4554 c. 1920s cufflinks with photograph of woman in center. Small size. Price: $25

4556 c. 1960s golf cufflinks- ball and flag against black background. Medium size, c. ¾” diameter. No maker’s mark. Lovely condition. Price: $25

4559 c. 1960s jet engine cufflinks. White metal. Size: Large c. 1”+. Price: $20

4561 c. 1960s elliptical enameled cufflinks on copper. Large, c. 11/2”x1/2”. No maker’s mark. Lovely condition. Price: $35