Row K: Parker, Waterman

Pen Description
1 c. 1920s Parker three banded ring top Duofold in dark lapis blue, $125
2 c. 1920s Wahl gold fill fp, beautiful pattern to cap and bbl, initials on bbl, LF, with box, $95
3 Sold c. 1990s Rhapsody roller ball in marbled green, box provided, near mint, $125
4 Sold c. 1990s Rhapsody ballpoint, marbled green, box provided, near mint, $100
5 Sold c. 1990s Rhapsody fp, marbled green, box provided, near mint, $175
6 Sold c. 1990s Man 200 fp in black, $150
7 Sold c. 1990s Rhapsody fp in marbled red, box provided, near mint, $175
8 c. 1990s Man 100, very large black pen, beautiful! Excellent +, $250
9 c. 2006 Exception, black w/gold tone trim, near mint, $225
10 c. 2006 Exception ball point, silver tone trim, near mint, $165
11 c. 2006 Exception Day/Night pattern, large rb, silvertone trim, near mint, $295
12 c. 2006Exception Day/Night pattern ( large impressive fountain pen w/ 18k masked nib, matt lines run length of pen on two of four sides- same for # 11 above), silvertone trim, near mint, $375
12a (not shown), Harmonie pens- price reduction - choice- FP $50, RB $40 BP $35 (see last issue)
12b (not shown) new Phileas fountain pens choice color, $35, one ball red point, $25