No Pictures- Late Entries, etc.  (I went around the house looking for more stuff).  Free shipping on these!


Pen Description
1 Sheaffer Lifetime pen, burgundy with steel nib, excellent…$35
2 Sheaffer Lifetime pen, burgundy, long windows in bbl, 14k nib…$50
3 Sheaffer Lifetime pen, chrome cap w/gold tone clip and trim, dark blue bbl, 14k nib…$50
3a Sheaffer Lady Skripsert gold tone, red section, M gold tone nib, cartridge fill, $35
4 Lamy Safari fountain pen, gray, beautiful condition, in fact, I think it’s mint, F/M nib….$25
5 Lamy 2000 fountain pen, super shape, F/M 14k nib, $115
6 Levenger ftn pen, multi-color finish, 2-tone M steel nib, MAC on cap, (barely visible) near mint..$45
7 Parker 61 yellow/pink gold rainbow cap, blk bbl. initials on cap, converter fill, $165
8 Parker 61 fountain pen w/ gold fill cap, black bbl, very nice..$125
9 Parker 61 ftn pen, nickel/silver rainbow cap, turquoise barrel, mint, $175
10 Parker 61 pencil nickel/silver rainbow cap, light turquoise barrel, excellent plus, $75
10a Parker 61 ballpoint (very nice and hard to fine) rage red barrel, satin alloy cap, $150
10b Parker 61 fountain pen- rage red barrel, alloy cap, mint, $175
10c Parker 61 fountain pen-choice black barrel or gray, alloy cap, mint/near mint, $125
10d Parker Sonnet ballpoint, brushed steel, gold tone trim, twist mechanism, like new, $35
10e Parker 45 ft.pen and pencil set, turquoise, chrome cap gold tone trim, 14k nib, mint in box, $65
10f Parker 45 ft. pen and pncl set, dark blue, chrome cap, M steel nib,$45
10g Parker 45 ft. pen and ballpoint set, gray bbl, chrome cap gold trim, 14k F/M nib, $65
11 Cross- 150th Anniversary sealed sterling ballpoint in original box, etc. Hard to find this way, $285
11a Cross Medalist ballpoint with matching key chain mint in box, $25
11b Cross Century II ballpoint mint in box, $35 (box has writing on it)
11c Cross Century, beautiful red lacquer, mint, $25
11d Cross Morph ballpoint- mint in funky coffin style box w/price sticker ($57) pen says ‘Boston University’ , $35
12 Aurora Hastile- (another duplicate- I collect these) sterling silver, w/ box, super shape, $175
13 Omas Arco Milord ftn pen, striated amber (the new model-very large pen) w/box, etc., near mint, $575
14 Omas Arco (new model- a large pen) ballpoint, striated celluloid matches ft. pen above, near mint, $385
15 Fischer Space Pen- (ballpoint) in box with space shuttle on clip, mint/near mint, $35
16 Esterbrook fountain pens- J series in green, bronze, red, etc. Some have 9 series nibs, choice-$35
16a Esterbrook ‘Wordathon’ ballpoint pens- these are really hard to find, have in a few colors, mint, $65
17 Colibri ballpoint w/ ‘Concord’ on bbl. stainless, unusual button on top, long pen & very cool, mint, $35
18 c. 1918 Snapfil fountain pen w/flexible #4 14k nib. Unusual pen (long tapered bbl, lever lifts the wrong way) Looks unused- sharp lined chasing and dark where price sticker was- no chain/even oxidation, black hard rubber. Historical pen and fairly large to boot- for the historical collector, unrestored, $125
19 Waterman- Taperite- brushed metal cap, unusual ‘aerometric style’ filler, black bbl, steel nib, $35
20 Pelikan 200 ftn pen and pncl- mint in box- black set- W. Germany- you supply your own nib, $85
21 Tombow ‘Havana’ roller ball, tobacco color, black trim, near mint, $25
22 Waterman Expert roller ball, matt black w/chrome trim, excellent, $40
23 Don’t let your pens get scratched! Felt Rollups- these are really nice- they hold about sixteen pens and you can even double up on some. Most are dark blue, but I have a few in other colors- I only have seven or eight for sale. I’m using the rest I got…$20 each
24 Two Cigar Leather Cigar Cases. I picked four of these up at Chicago. I have three black and one brown. Will accommodate large cigars. Supple and nice, choice $20.
25 c. 1920 Parker bandless Lucky Curve pen, few chew marks on end caps, lively M Lucky Curve nib, $85
26 c.1920 Parker very clean full size ‘DQ’ pen, lined hard rubber, nice trim and imprints, button fill, $125
27 Parker small ‘toothbrush’ Duofold in green- nice color/imprints/cap band- some wear to clip, $85
28 Waterman ‘Thoroughbread’ short model, red lined visualated section, lively F/M 14k nib, nice! $65
29 c. 1930s Conway Sterwart, full size red marbled Model 479. Threads worn but cap stays on securely, nice lively CS F/M 14k nib, user grade for sure, but kinda nice. Lever fill, $75