Row B:  Faber Castell, Marlen, Montegrappa, Paul Rossi, etc.

Pen Description
1 Sold Faber Castell red guilloche roller ball, like new…$165
2 Faber Castell matching red fountain pen, two tone 18k F/M nib, like new…$245
3 c. 1990s Marlen Chagall-beautiful purple swirls, sterling trim, 18k white masked F nib, $225
4 Montegrappa-- faceted pen is bit of a mystery- celluloid or acrylic? Unmarked two tone scrumptious Montegrappa nib that I think is gold w/converter. May be Symphony model, but not marked… $295
5 Paul Rossi- ‘Fire and Ice’. Stunning custom made Rossi fountain pen- hand turned laminated contrasting acrylic, silver fittings with Parker Broad Centennial nib, third marbled ‘ice’ piece beneath cap…$1,150
6 Paul Rossi- ‘Moon Stone’. Moon and stars inlaid into the barrel with mother of pearl and silver against a dark blue background. Comes equipped with a Bexley Medium two tone 18k nib…$1,235
7 Sold Levenger (Stipula) Argento-gorgeous tortoise acrylic, two tone 18k M nib, w/converter, like new, $195
8 Levenger (Stipula) Argento-outstanding jet black pen two tone 18k M nib, w/converter, like new, $175
9 Stipula ‘I Castoni’ fountain pen, 14k white masked F nib, like new………………..$175
10 Sold Taccia Staccato fountain pen, acrylic tortoise finish, two-tone F nib, like new…$85
11 Tiffany ballpoint w/ distinctive T pocket clip, chromed finish…$40
12 Tiffany? clip-less ballpoint marked ‘Tiffany Germany Sterling’ ringed pattern, unknown maker, $75
13 Tiffany & Co. large sterling silver ballpoint pen, beautiful……………………….$145