Row D:  Parker, Eversharp

Pen Description
1 c. 1937 Parker brown and pearl double jewel Junior Vacumatic, $125
2 Parker green and pearl double jewel Vacumatic, $145
3 Parker green and pearl Major, two-tone nib, $145
4, 5 Parker gray and pearl Major pen and pencil set, $125
6 Parker aerometric 51 in more difficult to find Midnight blue…$110
7 Parker Vac-fill 51 w/ gold fill cap- a few slight dings in cap, $75 (email me for user grade 51s $50-$75)
8 Parker 75 early model twist fill pencil, like new (or button fill model same price)…$85
8a Parker 75 twist pencil- untouched box/outer box and papers, $100
9 Parker 75 early model fountain pen, super shape…$185 (same pen but later dimpled end edition, $150)
10 Eversharp Skyline with striped cap and vibrant blue barrel, nice pen…$75
11, 12 Eversharp Skyline pen and pencil set, derby cap and wide cap band, nice set…$115
13, 14 Eversharp unusual ballpen and pencil set in white plastic, with original box…$65
14a Contermporary Skyline (not shown) w/ translucent blue bbl, chrome cap 14k F nib mint in box, $95
14b Contemp. Eversharp Skyline (not shown) Taxi edition with cab mint in box…$165