Row F: Sheaffer's and Waterman's

Pen Description
1 c. 1930s piston fill pen and pencil set, black with translucent barrel, wide milled cap bands, $165
2 c. 1930s piston fill brown striped Balance pen, wide milled cap band, nice transparency, $125
3 c. 1930s OS Balance, striped brown plastic, visualated section, lever fill, $265
4 c. 1930s OS Balance, wiggly striped green celluloid, exceptional pen, lever fill, …$350
5 Sold c. 1940s late piston fill Balance, mint with stickers, $125
6 c. 1950s Pen For Men I in burgundy, F/M steel inlay nib, nice pen…$165
6a PFM V pencil- (not shown) beautiful gold fill cap and black barrel…$150
6b PFM III pencil- (not shown) all black, gold fill trim, super shape….$100
7.8 c. 1970s Imperial cartridge fill Lifetime pen and pencil set in sterling silver, super shape… $285
9 c. 1980s cartridge fill Connoisseur , dark blue, 14k nib, very nice pen, $165
10 c. 1980s (not shown) I have two sets of the Vintage (scroll/vine) pattern ball point and pencil- one in ster. silver and one in gold fill in original boxes and papers. See Vol.5 No. Row for details, choice, $165
11 c. 1940s Wtmn’s blue ribbed stnd size 100 Year Pen, remnants price sticker/cap, new end jewel $275
12 c. 1930s Waterman 94 in Steel Quartz celluloid, very nice…$165