Row H: Contemporary Waterman’s and Visconti

Pen Description
1 Rhapsody pencil, subtle green marbling….$95
2 Rhapsody ballpoint, vivid green marbling…$125
3 Rhapsody roller ball, vivid green marbling, initials on cap, near mint…$95
4 Man 200 (slim version) fountain pen in black w/ two tone 18k ExFine nib, near mint….$150
5 Rhapsody roller ball vivid burgundy marbling…$125 5a. Rhapsody fountain pen, $175
6 Gentleman elegant roller ball purplish blue lacquer, beautiful…$95
7 Rhapsody ballpoint in difficult to find blue ‘Caviar’ finish, beautiful pen……$165
8 Liaison roller ball, orange wood grain hard rubber, superb, high quality pen…..$185
8a Audace ballpoint pens (not shown) mint in box. Quality lady’s pen- choice of colors, $35 each
8b Charleston- (not shown) black fountain pen with chrome trim 14k nib, like new…$135
9 Sold Visconti Copernicus, transparent/red celluloid. Ltd Edition- 999 pieces in red w/ crescent filler, $495
10 Visconti Voyager fountain pen-green and black acrylic, two tone 14k M nib w/converter, like new,$225
11 Visconti Voyager gorgeous purplish & blk acrylic fountain pen, 14kM nib-w/converter, like new, $225
12 Visconti Van Gogh fountain pen, bayonet style threads, two tone 14k F nib, like new w/box … $195
13 Sold Visconti Van Gogh roller ball, bayonet style threads, like new, (no box)…$125