Row G: Featuring Pencils

Pen Description
1 c. 1920s Wahl wood grain pencil, very nice, $65
2 Sold c. 1920s Waterman large wood grain pencil, easily large enough for a 56 or larger, $95
3 c. 1920s Wahl rosewood grain pencil, beautiful, replacement clip, $85
4 c. 1926 Ever Last (Conklin?) large jade green celluloid pencil, absolutely beautiful, (note score lines/ also marked Toledo w/sword and shield on top of cap) $85
5 c. 1926 Sheaffer’s large, jade green celluloid pencil, beautiful, $85
6 c. 1926 Swan jade green celluloid pencil, hexagonal crown, $65
7 c. 1924 Wahl red hard rubber pencil, $65
8 c. 1937 Wahl Doric pencil gray webbed celluloid, beautiful, $85
9 c. 1920s Swan green gold fill pencil, unusual color, very nice quality, $95
10 c. 1920s Swan gold fill pencil, traditional gold color, also very nice, $70
11 c. 1920s Sheaffer’s gold fill pencil, very nice, $65
12 c. 1920s Waterman ring top pencil, gold fill metal, very nice, $45