Row L - Modern

Pen Description
1 c. 1990s Aurora Talentum black resin fp, near mint to mint w/box, (withdrawn-prob. w/ nib)
2 Sold c. 1990s Montegrappa Classica twist ball point, celluloid top, sterling bbl, retailed for $175, $85
3 Sold Bexley
4 Sold Bexley Simplicity, 2006, cast acrylic-tortoise finish, converter, M nib, beautiful pen, like new, $75
5 c. 1990s Bosser & Erhard, white lacquer over guilloche sterling silver, list at, $550, B nib, box inc, $295
6 c. 1950s Faber Castel beautiful blk celluloid, white logo on top, PF, super pen, $145
7 c. 1928 Swan, green gf- variant of yellow, w/ nice w/logo on top of cap, $225 (removed from list)
9 Sold c. 1938 Swan, blk celluloid w/ immense #_ flexible nib, super shape, $295
10 Sold c. 1990s Omas Ogival rb, blk resin, like new, $125
11 Sold c. 1990s Omas Ogival bp, blk resin, like new, $100
12 12. c. 1990s Vi11. c. 1990s Sold Omas Ogival bp, blk resin, like new, $100 Visconti Van Gogh pencil, like new, $75