Row A


Pen Description
1 Lamy Cp1 RB, brushed SS, w/ Sheaf. refill modified to fit, like new…$45
1a Lamy Logo RB, shiny stainless NOS very nice…$20
2 Sold Lamy Persona with ExF 18k. nib, black finish, like new …$225
2a Sold Lamy Persona (not shown) Titanium finish w/box, $20 less than last issue- $265
3 Lamy 2000 very nice condition, piston fill, hidden nib, $95
4 Lamy 600, original early model with knurled ends, 14k nib mint in original box, $165
5,6 Sold (a few left) Rotring 900 BP like new, $25 Expert mini telescoping BP choice of colors, $20
7 Rotring Initial –have about six- NOS FP $85, RB $70, BP $50 (Retail$110, $85, $65)
8 Sold Rotring Freeway- I have about six- NOS FP, RB, BP choice- $20
9 Diplomat- silver tone barleycorn BP twist action- high quality, beautiful pen, $65
10,11 Sold Diplomat- RB NOS. Quality pens from a lesser known German co., $35 choice.
12 Sold Diplomat ball point NOS. One available, $35