Row C

Pen Description
1, 2 Sold Duofold Jr. pencils- c. 1928 in red plastic, $45; c. 1930 in Mandarin yellow, $65
3 Sold c. 1930s Challanger in beautiful claret marbled celluloid, beautiful pen, excellent, $75
4 Withdrawn c. 1930s Canadian Depression Era pen veined mahogany, trim wear, button fill, $95
5 Sold c. 1930s Golden Web Jr., super shape. Hard to find pen, $395 (sold)
6 c. early 1940s double jewel Vacumatic, super shape, $195
6a see Row C Vol.5 No.1- a few Faivich caps still available, but at $250 and $300 for gf and ss respectively; all Parker 51s w/ ding free gold fill caps, $145; all other Parker 51 prices remain the same as Vol.5 No.1 listing.
7 Sold c. 1960s English Maxima, beautiful dark blue, aerometric fill, great writer, $195
8 Sold c. 1960s Parker 61 with gold-fill rainbow cap and bright red bbl. Super shape, $150
8a see Row D items 1, 2 Vol.5 No.1 (10% off listed price). Item 3 available same price.
9 Sold c. 1980s Parker Premiere Athena, RB beautiful! $175.
10-12 10 & 11 SoldĀ 10-12. First generation Duofold red marble cast acrylic. NOS BP, $175, RB, $195, International FP w/M nib, $265. All three pieces (two original boxes), $595