Row E

Pen Description
1 Jean Piere Lepine Samba RB Honey color w/ black swirls, like new, $75
2 Platinum FP leather skin, ex cond. except for scuff on FP as shown, 14k ExF nib, $125
3 Platinum BP companion to FP above or sold separately, excellent condition, $85
4 Sold Pilot Custom FP Dragon motif in sterling silver. F 18k nib. This is an old one, $285
5 Sold Platinum FP in Black and Pearl Celluloid, like NOS w/box Super pen, $285
6 Namiki FP NOS with box; plastic herringbone pattern, F/M 18k nib, beautiful! $285
7 c. 1920 Onoto stylograph (unrestored) w/ 9 ct. gold bands, ex. cond., $95
8 Yard-O-Lead pencil w/initials engraved, like new, $185
9 c. 1928 LeBoeuf w/ authentic replacement pocket clip, moderate discolor. LF, $165
10 Sold c. 1929 National Pen Co.? (only Bbl. marked ‘The Dependable Pen”) ‘Mandarin Yellow’ celluloid, 14k warranted nib, LF ex. cond., $165
11 On Hold c. 1934 National Pen Co. pen/pencil combo. 14k nib. LF, ex. cond., $125
12 Sold Filcao cartridge/converter (no converter) FP, steel nib, writes beautifully, $45