Row I

Pen Description
1 B.S. Johnson lovely large nib- No.8 size but need to be re-tipped, very nice holder, $95
2 Bard & Brothers, another lovely early slider w/ a huge nib, $185
3 Leroy Fairchild w/ No.7 nib. Hard rubber reversible protective pen holder, $125
4 On Hold c 1920s Waterman sterling pencil to match 52v pen, lovely condition and works, $65
5 Sold c 1940s Waterman Oversized 100 Year FP w/new end jewel Oxblood color, LF, $265
6 Sold c 1940s Waterman 100 Year ribbed blue pencil (should have removed tarnish), $95
7 Sold c 1940s Waterman 100Yr ribbed blue FP (same with tarnish), new end jewel, LF, $225
8 Waterman Audace ball point pens- four available in different colors, NOS, $35
9 Sold Waterman LeMan Opera FP w/ 18k 2 tone M nib, like new with box, $275
10 Waterman Gentleman- elegant gold plated pencil, like new w/ blue box, $95
11 Waterman Preface FP plated silver w/18k 2 tone M nib, like new w/ blue box, $145
12 Waterman Exception RB, black lacquer finish, like new w/ blue box, $195
12a Sold (not shown) Waterman LeMan Night/Day Roller Ball (based on the Le Man series, gold plated overlay) in original box, like new, $295