Row B: Cross Pens

Pen Description
1 c. 1990s Cross Townsend roller ball, nice shape, $35; ster. silver RB from Vol5 No. 1 reduced to $65
2 c. 1990s Cross Townsend roller ball, jade green w/character over clip, like new, reduced to $150
3 c. 1990s Cross roller ball w lapis cap and gold fill bbl.- actual model or marriage? Like new, $95
4 Sold c. 1990s Cross blue ballpoint, like new w/ box, $20
5-7 Sold c. 1990s Cross Solo green roller ball and ball point in black, like new, choice, $20 (pair $35)
8 c. 1970s Cross matt black roller ball, like new, $35. Same, but fountain pen, $45
9 c. 1970s Cross shiny chrome roller ball, like ne, $35. Same, but fountain pen, $45
9a (not shown) Cross Century in 10k gold fill metal, like new, FP $85, RB,$65 BP, $35
9b (not shown) Cross Century ball point shiny red lacquer, like new w/box, $20
10-11 c. 1970 Cross Century w/ gray epoxy finish, like new, roller ball,..$35, ballpoint, $25 (set $50)
11a (not shown) Lady clipless pen/pncl. set, epoxy burgundy finish w/leather holder, new in box, $40