Row C: Dupont, Gold Bond, Wahl, Gold Medal...

Pen Description
1-2 Sold c. 1990s Cross Metropolitan ballpoint and pencil set, black finish, NOS, $65
3 c. 1970s S.T. Dupont vermeil fountain pen (gold over sterling silver), lacquer clip, excellent +, $195
4 c. 1990s Aurora Ipsilon fountain pen w/ M 14k Italic nib, like new w/box,…$135
5 c. 1930s Gold Bond fountain pen, Greek key band, unusual shut off valve on nib, $125
6 c. 1950s Eversharp Burp fountain pen in all gold fill metal, excellent +, $85
7 c. 1990s new Eversharp fountain pen, translucent blue bbl, fill thru blind cap, NOS w/box $95
8 Sold c. 1990s Eversharp Taxi fountain pen, NOS w/out cab, $95. With cab and box, $145
9 c. 1920s Wahl sterling silver fp, hand engraved vine, F flexible 14k nib, beautiful, $150
10 c. 1920s Wahl gold fill fp, unusual bell pattern, wood grain section, 14k flexible nib, beautiful, $150
11 c. 1930s Wahl Doric desk pen yellow gold fill trim (will include base w/ white gf trim), $135
12 c. 1930s Gold Medal fp w/ bronze and black celluloid, unusual knurled ends, name in bbl, $125