Row D: Omas, Thompson, Sailor, Osmia...

Pen Description
1 c. 1990s LePine roller ball, excellent plus, reduced to $45
2 c. 1990s LePine fountain pen, like new with box and pen holder, $65
3 c. 1990s Omas limited edition Ferari fountain pen, 18k M/B nib- w/ box and papers, like new, $595
4 c. 1990s Omas black Paragon roller ball, excellent condition, $165
5 c. 1990s Omas black Ogival ball point new in box, bold ball point refill, $145
6 Sold 2002 Chris Thompson Simplicity fountain pen. Website states first 100 pens are numbered (for posterity) and pocket clip and bands are 14k gold (not marked), citrine stone in clip. This one is early, ( #55), wood grain hard rubber, appears to have 2-tone German steel nib. Very nice, collectable piece. $425
7 c. 1990s Pilot/Namiki black Falcon fountain pen with flexible nib, like new, $125
7 a,b,c 1970s full size Pilot metal anodized ftn. pens one w/stickers 18k nibs, mint/near mint, choice, $85
8 Sold c. 1990s Sailor Model 1911 ster.silver fountain pen, 21k B nib, like new, beautiful pen, $295
8a (not shown) Sailor- unusual tri-pen (three sided nib) chrome metal casing, v.good to ex. condition, $125
9 Sold c. 1950s Stephens No. 106 BCHR fountain pen, 2X 14ct Broad nib, sharp imprints, excellent cond., $115
10 c. 1940s Osmia fountain pen in black chased hard rubber, again- sharp imprints, excellent color, $95
11 Sold c. 1940s Cervenia (E. European?) button fill, beautiful, Parkeresque multi-hued striated plastic, $95
12 c. 1990s Crane ftn pen by Waterman- Crane (money) green lacquer finish, 18k nib, near mint, $95