Row I: Parker

Pen Description
1 Sold c. 1952 Parker Custom Jotter- hard to find all stainless pen w/ early clip- $95
1a c. 1954 (not shown) early red Jotter, (metal bbl end/alloy cap) in original cellophane wrapper, $40
2 c. 1956 Parker 61w/ frosted alloy cap and rage red bbl, retains red at end of filler (near mint/mint), $165
3 Sold c. 1956 Parker 61 nickel rainbow cap, one tiny ding, rage red bbl, beautiful pen, $95
4-5 c. 1958 Parker 61 flighter set, all stainless w/ stickers, mint in box, $195
6 c. 1958 Parker 61 w/ gf cap, beautiful condition, $125
7 Sold c. 1970s Parker T-1 cap activated pencil (harder to find than pen) a few slight scuffs, $200
8 c. 1960s Parker 45 Flighter, all stainless steel, excellent to near mint, $45
9 c. 1960s Parker 45 all gold fill Signet model, excellent to near mint, $85
10 c 191960s Parker 75, early model w/ flat end cap, excellent + condition, $225
10a c. 1970s (not shown) Parker 75, like above but w/ dimple cap end, excellent + condition, $175
10b c. 1970s (not shown) Parker 75 standard ballpoint or pencil, excellent + condition, choice, $85
11 Parker Model 105, high end pen, beautiful gold plated bark finish, super shape, reduced to $225
11a c. 1970s (not shown) Parker Premier black ftn pen, logo on cap top, near mint/mint in box, $175
12 Sold c. 1990s Parker Duofold pencil in blue marble acrylic, like new, $125