Row E: Parkers

Pen Description
1 c. 1928 jade Sr. Duofold, worn and discolored- user pen with nice Medium Arrow nib, $125
2 c. 1930 pearl & blk Streamline Duofold DeLuxe- better than average bbl, DeLuxe ExF/Fine nib, $275
2a (not shown) like 2 above with more discolored barrel, (look for image on web site) $225
2b c. 1928 Senior Duofold in red Permanite, another user pen, but nice (image on paulspens), $195
3 c. 1929 Streamline Duofold Senior in black Permanite, Fine 14k Arrow nib, lovely pen, $250
3a (not shown) have another like 3 above w/name removed from bbl (look on website or email me), $175
4 c. 1932 Streamline burgundy & black Duofold Jr. Medium Arrow nib (ton of iridium), lovely pen, $150
5,6 c. 1946 Parker 51 pen and pencil set in mustard. Fine nib. Pencil darker than pen. Converging lines on gold fill caps. Caps are very good condition, name engraved on barrels. $495
7 c. 1941? This one a work in progress- will have ready when quarterly is out. Metal filler but no date code on bbl, and blind cap is worn. Email me if interested- will be in the $250 range will be cleaned nicely
8 c. 1956? I see no date code but early filler. Nice Cocoa aerometric fill with Medium nib, alloy cap, $85
8a See website for Parker 51s I will list with pictures. No room in quarterly.
9 International fountain pen with Medium 18k nib. (Marked X on bottom of feed) Wear to cap band and decal on cap top is painted over. Lovely writing pen no converter, will find one $150.
10 Roller ball in blue marbled acrylic like 9 above. This one is near mint. $145
11 Pencil in blue marbled acrylic. Like new, $125
12 Later Duofold roller ball in red acrylic, like new, $165