Row F:   Sheaffer’s

Pen Description
1 c. 1927 Large jade green Lifetime with very unusual and lovely ‘Deco’ monogram on cap, light to moderate discoloration evenly distributed, lovely Fine nib, $185
2 c. 1927 Large black Lifetime with ExFine/Fine nib, initials R.C.D. on back of cap band, $145
3,4 c. 1927 Large black/ pearl Lifetime pen and pncl set. Initials E.M.A. back cap band, no initials pencil. Pen has much better than average color. (Compare it to pencil ). Set, $295
5 c. 1927 Large Jade green Lifetime. Better than average color. Fine 14k nib. $165
6 c. 1956 burgundy PFM I. Chrome trim, Medium steel nib. Superb! $165
7 c. 1956 blue PFM I. Chrome trim, Medium steel nib. A beautiful pen! $185
8 c. 1956 black PFM I. Chrome trim, Medium/Broad steel nib, a bit unusual! $185
9 c. 1956 PFM II chrome cap and burgundy barrel. Medium/Broad steel nib, not an easy pen to find! $235
10 c. 1956 PFM III black body with gold fill trim and 14k ExFine/Fine nib. Very nice, $265
11 c. 1956 PFM V black body with gold fill cap, $325 (may have to substitute PFM V pen & pencil set).
12 c. 1980s Connoisseur, dark blue body with Fine monotone 18k nib. $165