PhoRow G:    Some Very Nice Italian and Interesting Japanese Pensto

Pen Description
1,2 c. late 1950s Eversharp ballpoint and pencil set ala Jotter style. Gold tone clips, twist pencil, chrome caps, teal bodies. Really very nice. $65
3 Delta w/ sterling silver slip cap, black celluloid barrel (?), Medium white metal nib, cartridge fill, $145
4 c. 1950s Aurora 88, semiflex Fine/Med hooded nib, slight depression in otherwise perfect gold fill cap, piston fill, $195
4a (not shown) later Aurora 88P cartridge fill, few dings on gold plate cap, nice user- Med/Broad nib, again- look to website for image and description $95
5 Aurora- c. 1980s fountain pen styled by renowned auto designer Georgetto Giugiola who also designed products for other well known companies including Apple and Nikon. (Wickipedia) 14k leaf shaped nib, deeply lined titanium finish cap and barrel; an unusual and special piece, like new, $365
6 Aurora modern 88 w/ gold plated cap, black bbl. Fine/Med 14k nib. Wonderful writer, like new, $345
7 c. 1950s Nozawaya ft. pen (Japanese) in red and pearlized celluloid reminiscent of Waterman. Chrome trim. Fine steel ‘Comet’ nib. Owner lightly engraved initials on bbl. Lever fill. Very interesting pen, $95
8 c. 1950s Platinum Pen very much in the style of a 40s Sheaffer. Nib is marked ‘Nice Hitter Phoenix 53 Clean hit Liner.’ Aerometric style filler. This one has lots of stuff going on and it’s mint! $95
9 c. 1950s Platinum-fascinating celluloid patterned & clear barrel. 10 year steel nib. Aerometric fill, $165
10 Pilot Dragon pattern Custom sterling silver fountain pen w/ huge 18k Fine nib, converter fill, $295
11 Namiki Falcon with 14k flexible Medium Falcon nib. Like new and converter included, $125
12 Platinum #3776 jade green celluloid fountain pen. 14k Fine nib. Cartridge/Converter, like new, $175
13 Pilot/Namiki Vanishing point, desirable Raden finish. Absolutely beautiful pen and near mint., $250
14a (not shown check web site 14a-d) c. 1995 Pilot/Namiki Maplewood fountain pen, mint in box, $295
14b c. 1995 Pilot/Namiki Maplewood roller ball, mint in box, $225
14c c. 1995 Pilot/Namiki Maplewood cap activated ballpoint mint in box, $165
14d 14d. c. 1995 Piltot/Namiki Maplewood pencil mint in box, $165