Row H:  Morrison, Waterman’s, and another Italian

Pen Description
1 c. 1930s Morrison’s Black Beauty with what is referred to as the ‘snot top’ domed cap. Lined plastic and nice, sharp imprints. Great pen-has a lively Medium 14k nib and genuine three banded cap. Lever fill, $165
2 c. 1926 Waterman’s No. 5 Ripple w/ Green band and matching keyhole Fine nib. Original condition is superb. Sharp imprints and red feed. Hard to come by like this any more, $250
3 c. 1948 Waterman’s pen in lovely cracked ice color and pattern. Cap band trim is worn but this pen is in very nice condition overall. Fine 14k nib. Stand out color and pattern, $95
4 c. 1970s French Waterman’s. elegant and in the style of the C/F but with a bit of individuality. Aerometric filling unit and semi-hooded nib I think is gold but can’t tell for sure. Gold plated cap. $95
5 Liason roller ball. Beautiful hard rubber body. Gorgeous pen in super shape, $175.
6 Large LeMan black fountain pen w/ex.fine 2 tone 18k nib (I think writes more like a fine) These pens are among my all time favorites. They are the real thing- classic and elegant! Converter included. $275
7 Same goes for this LeMan Opera ballpoint. This one is like new, $150
8,9 LeMan Caviar finish Rhapsody ballpoint pen and pencil. Set $275
10 Rhapsody ballpoint in blue Caviar finish. Difficult to find. $175
11 Superb Waterman night/day gold plated overlay fountain pen. 2 tone 18k nib.Cartridge included, $295
12 Stylishly modern chrome plated Italian pen marked 3-6-5 OFFICINA (I guess for every day use!) Fine steel nib, a little plating loss on grip section. Converter included, $75