Row I: Another Mixed Lot

Pen Description
1 c. 1950s Conway Stewart model 85L black fountain pen, lever fill, F 14ct. nib, $85
2 c. 1920s Century Durapoint small fp, nice metallic bronze marbled celluloid, unrestored, 14k nib, $45
3 c. 1930s Parker True Blue pencil, some discoloration, $65
4 Sold c. 1950s Parker 51 pencil w/ custom Mauricio Faivich sterling silver cap, $195
5 Sold c. 1990s Mont Blanc roller ball, ‘precious’ resin, excellent, $95
6 Waterman Gentleman fluted gold plated pencil, like new, $95
7 c. 1990s Parker Sonnet pencil in Tartan finish, NOS, retailed $125, $45
8 Sold c. 1990s Parker Sonnet Lacque Amber pencil, beautiful, NOS, $85
9 Sold c. 1990s Faber-Castell EBONY wood pencil, sterling silver trim, $150
10 c. 1990s Visconti Van Gough pencil, beautiful, like new, $75 (discounted from previous issue)
11 c. 1990s Yard-O-Lead sterling silver pencil, name on bbl, $120
12 c. 1920s pencil marked Chicago Pump, etc. mint, (I have a few others about as nice, same price.), $25
13 c. 1890 Eagle No. 801 pncl wood/metal w/ original date and patents on crown and writing on bbl, $65
14 c. 1900 Eagle, painted metal, exceptional near mint condition, (crack in cap above clip),$35
15 c. 1900 Eagle, chased metal w/ black paint ‘No. 872 Supply- Eagle Pencil Co. New York’ $35