Row C - Parker 51's

Pen Description
1,2 I have a large variety of 51s to offer including caps by Maricio Faivich that will dress up any 51. Gold fill caps are worked and plated, $200 or sterling silver, $250. Both available in various styles, $50 off standard price. Cap only or with working vac fill pen ( add $50) or aerometric pen (add$35). Email me about other caps than those shown and pens with the complete treatment (cap and bbl).
3-6 Blue Diamond vac fill 51s w/ excellent, ding free gold fill caps (straight or converging lines), standard bbl colors- black, dark blue, cordovan, or gray. Or ‘stacked ring’ cap refurbished by Ron Zorn, or ‘transitional’ gf capped pen (w/out Blue Diamond) same as 3-6 above. Most pens w/ For F/M nibs; a few mediums available, $145. Similar pens with a few pin size cap dents, $110. Lustraloy pen w/gf clip, $125.
7 Signet, no dings with initials on bbl, nice M nib, $265.
8 Flighter model, one ding at end of bbl, otherwise excellent, $250.
9 Sold c. 1947 V.S. (for Very Special) with sticker- an unusual short lived pen, gf cap, button fill, $85
10 GF Cap Sold Parker 21s w/ gf cap- beautiful pen, near mint, $85, alloy cap $35
11 Parker 51 Specials with aerometric fillers black-(different end jewel, nib, ink collector), $65, Teal, $85
12 Parker 51 Lustralloy caps burgundy, black, gray, $85 or with ding free gf caps (like 3-6 above), $125, also available with a few small dents and dings, $85.