Row D - Parker

Pen Description
1 Sold Parker V.P. (for Very Personal) with gf cap and gray bbl. Superb condition. This is the one that preceded the Parker 75 and has funky glass tube and adjustable section and nib, $175.
2 Parker 61 with turquoise bbl- a hint of a flake on threaded end of bbl; initials, otherwise excellent +, $85
3 Sold Parker 61 w/ Rainbow cap and brilliant red bbl; excellent +, $145
4 Sold Parker 75 with red lacquered cap and bbl; (French made), M nib, $95
5, 6, 7 Parker 75, early flat top model fp, superb condition, $145; ball point or pencil, $85- all three, $275
7a (not shown) Parker 75 barley corn silver plate (French) Mint with left oblique nib, $225
7b (not shown) Parker 75 Godron (fine parallel lines) silver plate (French), Mint w/ fine nib, $225
7c (not shown) same as 7b, except gold plated, $225
8 Sold Difficult to find jotter ball point pen in lined gold fill metal, $95
9, 10 Early Jotter pen and pencil set with convex pocket clip. Mint w/tattered box, $95
11 International black Duofold (earlier model) marked ‘Tester- Extra Fine’, $195
12 Sold Duofold cap activated blue marbled ball point (earlier model), like new, $125
13 Sold (not shown) Near mint Parker 45 pen and pencil w’ gf caps, grey bbls., ball nib, $65
14 (not shown) Parker 45 Flighter model, all stainless steel, M nib, $45
15 (not shown) English Parker 105 w/ gold tone bark finish, excellent condition, broad nib, $245
16 (not shown) Parker 100 Cobalt/Black fountain pen, like new in box, $115
17 (not shown) Parker Sonnet Laque Firedance pencil, like new, ret. $80, $45
18 Sold (not shown) Parker Sonnet Laque Ambre pencil, like new, ret. $170, $85