Row E - Sheaffer

Pen Description
1 Sold c.1924 large Lifetime pen in jade green Radite. Only slightest discoloration noted w/ tiny amt. of brassing to clip and cap band. Much better than average. Large, F, nib, $175
2 Sold c. 1928 large Lifetime pen in black/pearl Radite. Only slightest discoloration noted, one point of brassing on rt. side of cap band (about 10%). Pen is also far better than average, $195
2a (not shown) Same pen with moderate discoloration and repaired hairline crack to cap lip, $115
3 c. 1926 large Lifetime in black Radite. Slight wear to top and ball of clip and cap band. Back of band initialed, excellent imprints, VF nib, $125
4 c. 1929 large (oversize) Lifetime Balance pen in black/pearl Radite. Signs of moderate use and discoloration, moderate brassing clip and cap band, name on bbl, white dot repaired. Still, a useable, good looking pen with a big M nib w/ lots of irridium, $165
5 c. 1929 full size 5-30 black/pearl Balance. Signs of light to moderate use, wear to lft side cap band (about 10%), nice M nib, $95
6 c. 1929 slender black/pearl Balance. Signs of light use, excellent condition, F/M, nib, $95
7 c. 1929 full size 5-30 green/pearl Balance. Almost entirely free of wear, especially trim. Minute hairline to cap lip sealed. Very nice pen over all, $125
8 Sold c. 1930 OS Balance pen in marine green/pearl. Excellent condition throughout, $395
9 Sold c. 1929 slender 3-25 pen in black Radite. Don’t overlook this one- writes like silk! Excellent cond., $75
10, 11 Sold c. 1936 OS Streamline pen and pencil set brown/pearl striated celluloid. Plunger fill pen w/ superb transparency. The wide, milled cap band is initialed A.G.H. on cartouche in back. Beautiful, $325.
12 Sold Same OS pen, but lever fill w/ standard cap band (slightest brassing to band only), $275