Row F - Sheaffer

Pen Description
1 c. 1934 combination Pen/pencil, slightest wear to clip and back of cap band (c.10%) back of band nicely inscribed ‘W.E. ARMSTRONG’, strong imprints, $150
2 c. 1938 OS black Streamline pen. This one gleams. Has ink view section w/ (earlier?) F/M nib, $175
3 c. 1938 OS green striated Streamline pen, w/ink view section/two-tone F/M nib, repair to cap band, $185
4 Sold c. 1936 OS Pearl/Blk Streamline w/two-tone nib- threads and bbl repaired, initials on bbl, v. nice, $275
5 c. 1936 OS Black piston fill pen w/two-tone nib. Pen is scrumptious and crystal clear! $275
6 c. 1936 Black LF pen with transparent section, excellent +, super writer, M nib, $110
7 c. 1936 Gray striated piston fill Lifetime pen with jeweler’s band, $95
8 c. 1935 Carmine red piston fill pen, closes tightly but unscrews w/ only a turn or two, $65
9 c. 1936 Pearl/Ebony LF pen, transparent section, replaced cap lip, $95
10 c. 1938 full size brown striated piston fill Lifetime pen, near mint and crystal clear, $125
11 c. 1938 super clean brown striated piston fill pen w/ milled cap band and M nib, $95
12 Sold c. 1942 Crest pen with Triumph nib, LF, very clean pen w/ early tapered gf cap, a beauty, $175
12a Sold (not shown) c. 1939 black Crest pen w/ gf cap, open nib and threads at bottom of bbl, LF, $175