Row H - Sheaffer

Pen Description
1 Sold c. 1952 TM Snorkel, stainless cap w/gf trim, burgundy bbl. Mint to near mint w/box, $95
1a (not shown) same pen, excellent condition, 14k or white metal nib, $75
2 Sold c. 1552 TM Snorkel, blue w/initials PMB on cap band, white metal nib, $75
3 Sold same as Row G, #1a, but with green bbl, fine, white metal nib $75
4 Sold c. 1959 PFM III with chalk price sticker in tact, unrestored, $250
5, 6 Sold c. 1959 PFM IV pen and pencil set w/ box, $375
7 Sold c. 1959 PFM V- nice user- repaired crack to blind cap, slight brass to lip of cap (no dings), F nib, $195
8, 9 Sold c.1970s Lady Skriptserts- interesting pens- choice, $45, both $80
10 Sold c. 1965 Sheaffer Imperial, sterling silver cross hatch pattern, cartridge/converter fill, $145
11 c. 1978 Sheaffer Targa sterling silver ball point pen, $50
12 c. 1978 slender Targa chrome plated lined fp, F metal nib &14k M nib inc., like new, $65