Row I - Waterman

Pen Description
1 Sold c. 1907 Wtmn No. 24 taper cap w/ unusual, but likely correct 14k pkt clip. Gold fill bbl bands, strong imprints w/ patent dates, some oxidation to bchr, chasing is still crisp, but not perfect, spoon feed, $245
2 c. 1903 Wtm No. 12 in rmhr; very clear imprints w/patent dates on cap and bbl, STAR nib lacks iridium, spoon feed, $165
3 c. 1903 Wtmn No. 12 in bchr, clear imprints, chasing still very good, no brassing to snail repousse bbl. bands, $145
4 c. 1911 Wtmn No. 14 in bhr, some wear to imprints, but fully legible, F semi-flex nib, $85
5 c. 1925 Wtmn. No. 52 bchr, near mint to mint, nickel clip and lever, F flex nib, scrumptious, $145
5a (not show) similar to 5 above, but would have to rate excellent, $125
6 c. 1912 Wtmn. 121/2 safety (not restored) w’ Ten Year Nib, about as good as No. 5, near mint, $165
7 c. 1928 Wtmn. 52V bchr in also near mint condition, flexi nib, $125
7a (not shown) other 52Vs in very good condition, $65
8 c. 1928 Wtmn. 52V ringtop also in near mint condition, $115
9 c. 1928 Wtmn. 52 with 14k ‘filigree’ overlay. (Pen is marked 52 on bottom of bbl., but overlay appears to be original, and how many 14k filigree Waterman’s have you seen?). No dings. An exceptional pen to add to the collection, $650
10 Sold c. 1928 452. Lovely pen still has strong Waterman’s imprints around base of bbl., $325
11 c. 1927 4521/2 another lovely pen w/ good imprints around base of bbl., $295
12 c. 1928 4521/2V, beautiful hand engraved vine pattern in sterling silver inc. lever, $165